gsc-SM/SMX Series

SM/SMX Series

MGM squirrel-cage motors deliver exceptional performance and reliability combined with low maintenance. Designed for continuous duty under tough service conditions, these low-noise motors are used wherever compactness, energy saving and reliability are primary requirements. SMX series represent today’s state of the art motors technology.

SM Intermittent Duty Power Range: 0.12 HP to 125 HP

SMX – High Efficiency Power Range: 1 HP – 60 HP

Insulation System
  • Phase insulators

  • Class F (Class H on request)

Mounting Configuration
  • Feet Integrated in the frame

  • Foot Mount(B3)/Face Mount (B14)/Flange Mount (B5)

  • NEMA C Face

  • Reduced or Increased flange/shaft size available

  • Suitable for mounting in any position

Main Features
  • All motors are Inverter Ready
  • Single Speed / Two Speed

  • Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC)

  • Dimensional Standards per IEC (Metric)

  • Flange Coupling per NEMA Standard (Imperial)

  • Continuous duty (Premium Efficiency)

  • Intermittent Duty

  • Standard design or Built-in Inverter Design (SMI Series)

  • Compact or Oversized Conduit Box

  • Pressed-steel fan cover

  • Molded plastic fan

  • Extremely low rotor inertias

  • High-Cycling application

  • CCSAus approved to CSA and UL Standards

  • CE Mark for shipment into Europe

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